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Who We Are?

We appreciate you checking out GoodDrillPress.com, our sliver of the web devoted to sharing wood and metalworking-related tales.

What Do We Do?

As it calls itself, GoodDrillPress is a meeting place for a group of wood and metal workers. My boyhood friend Michael used to make boomerangs out of wood for his do-it-yourself carving projects in his basement garage. Since then, the tale has been a harmonious fusion of ideas from woodworkers, metalworkers, handymen, and carpenters around the state.

Finally, we felt strongly that our efforts, whatever they may be, should be available to other aspiring wood and metal workers. This is when GoodDrillPress.com comes in handy.

Moreover, it is worth noting that many fraudulent offers on the market for woodworking equipment and supplies exist. We put ourselves in our target audience’s shoes and evaluate the top wood and metal workers’ tools and supplies.

Exactly how do We function?

Starting as a garage-born business, we’re a full-form blog network. Our advice and recommendations are vetted using the following criteria before being shared:

Our observations:

  • Professional opinions are disseminated among many groups.
  • Solutions discovered by regular home users and shared here.
  • Therefore, each of our recommendations is incredibly actionable and proven to work out.

Our Experts:

Arafat Khan 

Arafat Dawla Khan (Owner)



John J. Sutherland (Guest Writer)

John J. Sutherland is a professional writer and has been woodworking professionally for over 8 years. He has a vast knowledge and skill set when it comes to working with drill press.


Ronnie K. Cleveland (Admin and Writer)

Professional writer Ronnie K. Cleveland has written for DIY projects for over five years.



Paul A. Shook (Editor & Writer)




Get Your Voice Heard:

Our goal is to grow into the greatest online community of woodworkers, so any feedback you have for us would be very appreciated!

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