WEN VS Grizzly drill press: Which is better for you?

Whether a DIYer or a professional woodworker, you understand the value of having a dependable and efficient drill press in your workshop. An excellent drill press may make or break your work’s accuracy and precision, enabling you to generate clean, professional-looking holes every time.

With so many alternatives available, deciding which one to choose might take time and effort. So sit back, relax, and prepare to find out which drill press is best for you! Today, we’ll look deeper at two popular drill press brands: Wen and Grizzly. To assist you in making an educated selection, we will compare their features, costs, and user reviews.

Comparison chart:

Feature Wen Drill Press Grizzly Drill Press
Motor Power 5 amps 3/4 HP
Speed Range 580-3200 RPM 140-3050 RPM
Spindle Travel 2-1/2 inches 3-1/4 inches
Chuck Size 1/2 inch 5/8 inch
Table Size 8 x 7-2/3 inches 10 x 16 inches
Table Tilt 45 degrees left/right 90 degrees left/right
Laser Guide Yes No
Digital Display Yes No
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Price Range $120-$400 $400-$1,000

5 major differences between Wen and Grizzly drill press:

  1. Motor Power: Wen drill presses have lesser motor power than Grizzly drill presses. Although Wen’s motor power varies from 5 amps to 10 amps, Grizzly’s drill press typically comes with a higher power motor of at least 3/4 HP, allowing for heavier-duty drilling.
  2. Price: Wen drill presses are often less expensive than Grizzly ones. Wen models cost $120 to $400, whereas Grizzly variants may cost between $400 and $1,000 or more. Grizzly’s drill press’s greater quality and more sophisticated features typically account for the price difference.
  3. Speed Range: Wen drill presses typically have a greater speed range than Grizzly versions. Wen drill presses normally have a speed range of 580-3200 RPM, while Grizzly versions typically have a speed range of 140-3050 RPM. As a result, Wen’s drill presses can handle a broader range of materials and drilling applications.
  4. Table Size: Grizzly drill press models feature bigger tables than WEN counterparts. Grizzly tables may be as large as 10 by 16 inches, whereas Wen tables are normally 8 x 7-2/3 inches. This difference in table size might be significant for people who need to deal with bigger materials or a greater surface area.
  5. Warranty: Wen drill press models normally have a longer warranty than Grizzly drill press products. Wen drill press models come with a 2-year guarantee, while Grizzly only has a 1-year warranty. This increased warranty period gives Wen consumers more peace of mind and protection against possible flaws or difficulties.

Grizzly drill press partsGrizzly drill press:

The Grizzly drill press is a strong and adaptable equipment built for heavy-duty drilling. This drill press can handle even the most difficult drilling projects because of its 3/4 HP engine, 3-1/4 inch spindle travel, and wide table size of 10 x 16 inches. The drill press’s table can also tilt 90 degrees left and right for more flexibility, and it’s made of high-quality materials for durability and dependability.

Major Features:

  1. 3/4 HP motor
  2. 3-1/4 inches of spindle travel
  3. Large table size of 10 x 16 inches
  4. Table tilts 90 degrees left and right
  5. Built with quality materials for durability and reliability


  1. A powerful motor enables heavy-duty drilling.
  2. A large table size and spindle travel provide adaptability in various drilling applications.
  3. Long-lasting durability is ensured by high-quality construction.


  1. Higher price point as compared to other brands/models

Where are grizzly drill presses made?

Grizzly Industrial, Inc. manufactured the grizzly drill presses in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Grizzly is known for producing high-quality equipment and gear, and its goods are popular among experts and DIY enthusiasts. Grizzly goods are created in the United States, while the company’s products are manufactured in Taiwan and China.

Grizzly drill press parts:

Motor, Spindle, Chuck, Table, Base, Column, Head, Depth Stop, Laser Guide, Digital Display, Pulleys, Belts, Bearings, Quill, Feed Handles, Keyless Chuck, T-Slots, Power Switch, Lamp, V-Belt, Spindle Lock, Table Lock, Table Crank Handle, Column Lock, Base Support, Leveling Feet, Handles, Dust Port, Wrenches, Owner’s Manual.


  1. Construction: Both Wen and Grizzly drill presses are made of high-quality materials such as cast iron for longevity and stability.
  2. Variable Speeds: Both Wen and Grizzly drill presses have variable speeds, which enable users to vary the speed according to work at hand.
  3. Chuck Size: Wen and Grizzly drill presses have chucks that can handle drill bits up to 1/2 inch in diameter.
  4. Table Adjustments: Wen and Grizzly drill presses are movable feature tables that can tilt left and right to simplify working on slanted surfaces.
  5. Depth Stop: Both Wen and Grizzly drill presses offer a depth stop function that enables users to drill holes to a set depth, simplifying consistent results.
  6. Laser Guide (select models): Certain Wen and Grizzly drill press models have a laser guide, which allows users to position the hole in the workpiece precisely.

Which is better WEN or Grizzly drill press?

WEN may be an excellent option if you need a drill press that is inexpensive, dependable, and appropriate for basic to intermediate drilling operations. With variable speed control, laser guide, and digital readout features, WEN drill presses are often less costly than Grizzly drill presses.

Grizzly may be a better alternative if you need a more heavy-duty drill press to perform more demanding drilling operations. Grizzly drill presses are built for professional usage and are noted for their power, accuracy, and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which brand is more suitable for beginners: Wen or Grizzly?

Wen drill presses are more suitable for beginners due to their affordability and user-friendly features. They offer a good balance between cost and performance, which makes them an excellent choice for those just starting with woodworking or DIY projects.

2. Are Grizzly drill presses worth the higher price?

Grizzly drill presses are worth the higher price if you require a heavy-duty, professional-grade tool for demanding drilling operations. They are known for their power, accuracy, and durability, making them suitable for professional woodworkers and those who need a more robust drill press.

3. Can I use Wen and Grizzly drill presses for metalworking as well?

Yes, both Wen and Grizzly drill presses can be used for metalworking, provided you use the appropriate drill bits and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for speed settings and safety precautions. The variable speed control in both brands allows for adjustments to suit different materials, including metal.

4. How do I maintain my drill press to ensure its longevity?

Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of your drill press. This includes cleaning and lubricating moving parts, checking belts and pulleys for wear, tightening bolts and screws, and keeping the work area clean. Always refer to the owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions for your drill press model.

5. Can I add aftermarket accessories to my Wen or Grizzly drill press?

Yes, you can add aftermarket accessories to your Wen or Grizzly drill press, such as drill press vise, drill press table, or a chuck key holder. However, ensure that the accessories are compatible with your specific drill press model and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and use.

Final words:

The Wen vs. Grizzly, drill press argument piques the minds of both DIY fans and experts. Both manufacturers provide high-quality drill presses with various features and specifications to meet a variety of applications and budgets.

Grizzly is noted for its power, accuracy, and durability, while Wen is known for its affordability and adaptability. Finally, your unique requirements and tastes will determine the decision between the two brands.

WEN VS Grizzly drill pressWe hope this comparison has helped you understand the differences between Wen and Grizzly drill presses and given you the knowledge you need to make an educated selection. A great drill press, regardless of brand, may make all the difference in your woodworking and DIY tasks, enabling you to obtain precise, clean, and professional-looking results every time.

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